Safety Tips For Tarzana Swimming Pool Owners


Tarzana Swimming Pool Safety TipsEnjoying the warm Tarzana weather out by the pool is a luxury and an accident can change that fast. Nearly 400 kids a year drown in residential swimming pools. This can be avoided by following a few safety tips. Pool owners that have small children should consider having at least a four ft tall fence around the pool if not already. When not in use having a safety cover on your pool or spa is a good idea too. Many pool owners that have gates to enter the water use gate alarms that alert you if any young ones enter the water. Always make sure adults supervise children when near the pool. If your missing any drain covers alert your pool serviceman as this is can lead to a child’s hand getting caught. Basic rules like no diving, running and swimming with a friend are also good habits to practice. Knowing how to give CPR can save a life if an accidental drown occurs.

Safety Tips For Tarzana Pool Owners

  • Keep an eye on the kids  when they’re in the pool or spa
  • Make sure your children know basic pool safety
  • Instruct kids to stay away from drains to prevent getting stuck
  • Make sure a cell phone is nearby to call 911 if needed
  • Share pool safety tips family, friends and guests

Following these basic safety tips along with a regular pool maintenance will keep your Tarzana swimming pool safe and ready to enjoy all year round.