Residential Weekly Swimming Pool Maintenance

Why hire our company for residential weekly swimming pool maintenance? Because our team has serviced Tarzana and nearby cities for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on having some of the best rates for the best services each week. We know folks who own swimming pools would rather enjoy their time relaxing in the water instead of stressing on keeping it clean and chemically balanced weekly.

Residential Weekly Swimming Pool Maintenance Tarzana

Residential Weekly Swimming Pool Maintenance Tarzana

  • Skim Leaves, Floating Debris
  • Brush Sides and Walls
  • Vacuum pool floor
  • Clean Skimmer Baskets
  • Check Pumps and Water Circulation. …
  • Check Filter For Build Up

Our pool cleaning services once a week for single family homes include everything from inspecting equipment to balancing water chemistry. With each weekly visit, we skim the water surface and removing leaves, dirt, insects and floating debris. We also handle cleaning above the waterline preventing film and algae build up. Scrubbing sides and bottom vacuumed also included. Once a week we take care of everything to keep water clean, clear and safe.

Our technicians are also certified by Los Angeles County to manage pump installations as well. As an example, many homeowners in Tarzana have used our company to save $1000 when replacing old single speed pool pumps with energy-saving multi speed pumps. The saving comes courtesy of DWP. The catch is a certified aquatic technician (That’s us) has to buy and install the new pump.

Weekly Bi-Weekly Pool Services Tarzana

Whether if it’s having your pool cleaned once or twice a week we’re here to lend a hand. We also specialize in underwater pool light installs and system automation projects. Our service trucks are fully loaded with all the tools and supplies to properly support swimming pools and spas large and small. For more info on how our Tarzana area weekly residential swimming pool maintenance will save time and increase the fun in the water contact us today.