Pool Pump Repairs Tarzana

Pool pump repairs TarzanaNeed Pool Pump Repairs Tarzana? Our certified technicians have repaired pumps in the San Fernando Valley for over 20 years. If you need to fix or place your pump we can help. The first thing we need to know is what type of pump you have installed now. There are three main types of pool pumps. Most older units are single speed which has been in use for many years. These cheap units run at one constant speed and need less repair. The main issue with these pumps is that they’re noisy and not cost-effective at all. Two-speed models are similar to one speed with an added lower option. If you plan on replacing either of these older pumps we recommend upgrading to a variable speed version. Our expert technicians will guide you through the process of upgrading or repairing your pump to best match the amount of water that needs to be pumped daily. We also can help with you with heat and specialty pump repairs and replacements. We also offer installations and fixes for your waterfall or fountain pump.

Pool Pump Repairs Tarzana

  •  Variable speed pump repairs and installations
  • Single speed replacement and fixes
  • Two speed fixes and install
  • Heater pump installs and repairs
  • Waterfall and fountain specialty pumps
  • Complete motor rebuild and repairing

We are your #1 choice for spa and pool pump repairs Tarzana! Our technicians know all makes and models with over 20 years of on the job training working with every type of unit. Our repair men are also licensed so feel safe knowing the job will always be done right. That is our promise to you. Your pump is the control center for your backyard water oasis. It’s best to have a professional perform repairs or install your new pump instead of repairing your pool pump on your own. Our technicians have all the necessary tools and equipment to repair, test, or install your new unit.

Variable Speed Pool Pump Tarzana

Variable Speed Pumps Repair Installation TarzanaIn the last few years variable speed pumps have become the most popular choice when it comes to upgrading your pump. The units from makers like Hayward, Pentair, Zodiac and others are great at cutting energy costs at up to 90%. Studies state that you save up to $1,500 annually by upgrading to a pump that runs at variable speeds. This is because these pumps use magnet motors just like today’s electric cars. And just like an electric car variable speed pumps run quieter, cooler and longer. You can also program your pump to the perfect flow rate for perfect water circulation.  Here in Southern California where the weather is warm nearly year round your pool’s pump gets a constant workout almost daily. The average lifespan is from 3 to 12 years depending on type of pump, usage and size of your swimming pool or spa.

Contact us so we can help you with your repairs or install needs. Our technicians will help you choose the best pump for your needs. We guarantee all of our repairs and installs on single, two and variable speed units and will get back in the water swimming in no time at all.  Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to save 10% on your first service. You can also win a chance to get free weekly pool service in Tarzana for one year!