Pool Leak Detection Tarzana

Swimming Pool Leak Detection TarzanaHave a need for Pool Leak Detection Tarzana? Our company has spent years in the San Fernando Valley repairing leaks, maintaining equipment and cleaning both residential and commercial swimming pools and spas. Our certified aquatic technicians have all the proper detection equipment needed to quickly diagnose your leak problem and fix it fast. In the warmer months normal water loss from evaporation can reach up to one and a half inches each week. If you find that you are adding water every few days then there’s likely a leak somewhere in your system. Before reaching out to us a there’s a few things you can do to find the problem yourself. The first place to check is your equipment. If you notice wet areas around your pump and motor areas then you could have a faulty pump or valve. Looking for any cracks in the deck surface or tile will also help find leakage. Your skimmer could also be in need of repair if it’s separating. One other thing to look out for is any bubbles floating up in the water. Our technicians use various ways to detect swimming pool leaks including dye testing, electronic leak detection and pressure testing your pool’s pluming lines.

Swimming Pool Leak Detection Tarzana CA

  • Check equipment for leaks
  • Inspect decking areas
  • Vinyl lining inspections
  • Certified leak detection and repair
  • Water line pressure leak detection

Leak Detection Tarzana CAAlmost all of our calls from San Fernando Valley pool owners is regarding leak concerns. Most times the fix is usually a simple pool pump repair or similar piece of equipment where water is leaking from. As long as the issue is found sooner than later you have a good chance of an inexpensive repair taking care of your leak. Many times the leak detection is something you can do and lots of times fix on your own. Of course if you still need a professional to help then call us to care of it for you. That’s what we do. This first thing you will want to do before call a pro is make sure you actually have a leak. One is easy to detect leaks is doing a “bucket test”. Place a bucked filled most of the way up with water and place it on the 1st step of the water. Mark the inside with a piece of adhesive tape and do the same on the outside of the bucket. make sure water levels match on each side.. let the bucket sit for 24 hours. If you see that the water on the outside of the bucket drops more compared to the tape on the inside then its time to call us because you have a leak that needs detected in your system.