Pool Filter Cleaning

Need help with pool filter cleaning? Pools in Tarzana should have filters cleaned at least three times each year. Keeping debris and dirt from re-entering the swimming water is the main purpose of having a clean filter. Filters are vital for keeping water blue and safe for swimming. When filters are dirty contaminants, bacteria, algae, and dirt will re-enter the swimming water and that’s bad. If you can’t recall when the filter got cleaned and serviced last then it’s time to have it looked at.

Pool Filter Cleaning Tarzana

By hiring our local Tarzana experts to do the pool filter cleaning not only will water be clean and safe for swimming in but also will extend the life of the pump plus also help cut electricity costs. A clean filter makes equipment run smooth and helps keep expensive repairs from happening. It’s best to keep up clean filters.Β Doesn’t matter if it’s a cartridge, sand or D.E. filter all need checking for buildup. Our weekly services include inspecting filters and removing buildup to help extend filter lifespan.

Pool Filter Cleaning Tarzana

It’s best to have cartridge pool filters cleaned three times a year because these types of filters are not possible to backwash. March, June, and September are best times to clean filters. D.E. filters get back washed when needed but also it’s best to wash the grids of the D.E. filter twice a year. Filters using sand also need occasional backwashing and changing the sand in the filter every 3-5 years.

Our Tarzana aquatic technicians have decades of experience cleaning filters for both residential and commercial swimming pools and spas. We are also experts and troubleshooting problems, repairing and replacing all makes and models of D.E., Cartridge and sand filters. Call today to learn how we keep Tarzana pool filters clean for swimming all year round.