DWP Swimming Pool Pump Rebate

DWP Swimming Pool Pump Rebate TarzanaGet a DWP Swimming Pool Pump Rebate for your Tarzana in-ground swimming pool when updating to a variable speed pump before Dec 31st 2015 and put up to $1,000 cash back into your pocket for a rainy day. More than likely your current pump is a single speed model that only operates at one speed. By having a certified pool equipment technician replace and install a variable speed pump and motor not only will you be helping the environment but also helping yourself save hundreds of dollars each year on your electric bill. In order to qualify, you must have your new variable speed pump purchased and installed by a certified pool technician. This is a limited time rebate so act fast. There is also an ongoing rebate program that can save you up to $500 with no certification required. We can additionally do these installations for you as well.

Feel safe that our repairmen and service techs have taken and passed the certification test required to install your new variable speed pump. Our servicemen have operated in the west end of the San Fernando Valley for many years and have worked with all makes and models of pool pumps and motors.

Most older single speed pumps use 2000 watts but with current variable speed pumps, we see models running at just above 70 watts. It seems like reduction like this is not possible but in fact we many times all throughout Tarzana we meet pumps that use just as much energy as a regular light bulb. Of course, the setting is on low and ran during off-peak required times for your rebate.

DWP Swimming Pool Pump Rebate Tarzana

  • Only in-ground swimming pools qualify ( no spas, ponds or fountains)
  • Single-speed pump replaced with variable-speed pump
  • Photos presented of existing single-speed pump prior install
  • Variable speed pump purchased & hooked up by certified technician
  • Pump and motor set to run from 8:00 p.m. to 9:59 a.m.(off-peak times)

DWP Pool Pump Rebates TarzanaThis latest rebate has been dramatically altered the ways Tarzana home owners update their systems to include variable speed pumps. With savings like this its hard to ignore all the benefits of replacing your old pump. Energy-efficient multi-speed versions are the best. All the major pump and motor manufacturers now offer energy saving models of pumps. to save stress on your equipment. Hayward, Speck, Zodiac, Pentair and others offer pumps that when set correctly save up to $1,500 on energy bills. Like hybrid cars, pumps run at lower speeds and cuts the what you pay month on electricity. Wouldn’t you like to spend that money on something else instead of power bills? Don’t forget also helping the planet so it’s a win-win situation.

Don’t delay getting your pump replaced. The $1,000 rebate ends at the end of the year (2017) or when DWP rebate funds are all used up. Make sure to get the ball rolling first by getting the current DWP details about the different makes and models available to replace your pump to variable speed.  Reach out to our Tarzana certified variable speed pump servicemen with any questions about the DWP Swimming Pool Pump Rebate.