Drought Water Saving Tips for Tarzana Pools


this post Water-Saving-For-Tarzana-Pool-Owners-During-Droughts

buy furosemide for dogs uk These drought water saving tips for Tarzana Pool owners will help cut water usage during the current severe drought situation.

  • Covers can cut evaporation by 50%. Regular sized pools can lose over 700 gallons a month due to evaporation.
  • Turn off waterfalls, fountains and other water features to cut water loss and evaporation.
  • Keep from emptying the water. Shocking your pool’s water can disinfect the current water, regardless of how filthy it is. Make certain to test the balance afterwords.
  • Check for any water leaks and if found have a leak detection done to find the escaping water.
  • Utilize a cartridge filter in place of a backwash. Cartridge filters use less than one-quarter of the water that sand and earth filters use.
  • Lower the water temps for heated pools. This also cuts evaporation.
  • Fix, repair or replace leaking pumps, skimmers and filters.
  • Reduce excessive splashing, diving and any other activity that splashes water out.
  • Stop up any overflow lines when using the pool.

Drought Water Saving For Pools

Keeping your Tarzana pool maintained regularly all year round will use less water compared to the irrigation system of a typical backyard of the same size. Even though pools cleaned and serviced on a weekly basis use less water than drought-friendly landscaping everyone still needs to do their part to conserve. Overall all these above tips will help save water. Again, If your water is leaking we recommend a swimming pool leak detection to find the where the water loss is coming from. Once detected have the leak repaired. Other than having a water leak a cover will give the largest water savings. Covers also lower heating costs, algae growth and keep debris from being blown into the water which is more work for equipment. Only run water features like fountains and waterfalls as needed. No need to have all this going when it’s just you going for a casual swim. Save these for when entertaining guests only. We hope our Tarzana aquatic technicians have over 23 years expertise in the west valley. From large commercial spas to residential pools our company can help. We hope these useful tips and ideas help cut your water usage.