Tarzana Pool Party Tips


Tarzana Swimming Pool Party TipsNeed pool party tips for your Tarzana backyard water party this summer? Besides safety and cleanliness you need to make sure your guests have fun. Having an inflatable or two are great ideas for just relaxing in the water without having to swim. Inflatable rafts, lounges are available for a cheap price at many local Tarzana area department stores. If serving food and drinks have matching cups, plates and plastic ware for a great color themed party works well. Having all that great grilled food from the poolside B.B.Q nicely displayed is a real nice touch for guests when enjoying food and refreshments waterside. Remember no glassware around the pool to prevent injuries if any accidents occur. Fun games for the water include swim lap racing, noodle fights and belly flop contests. Even the old standard Marco Polo is fun while frolicking in the water. Traditional water sports like water polo and water volley ball are great water based activities for family parties. It’s best to remember when children are present that constant adult supervision is best to make sure your water activities are safe and fun.

Tarzana Swimming Pool Party Tips

  • Swimming races
  • Diving contests
  • Water volleyball
  • Water polo matches
  • Relay swim races
  • Pool noodle raft jousting
  • Marco Polo!

Night Floating LightAnother great pool party tip for activities that extend into the evening are night-time water lighting products. Evening based lights really make the water and backyard stand out. With lighting automation you can even control the mood with different light set-ups. For safety reasons always have a working underwater light to make sure anyone swimming at night is easily seen. For a spectacular look at night you can install water based lighting for a colorful display of lights that literally dance in the water. If you have a large landscape lining paths with decorative solar lights looks great and saves money. Planning a pool party is fun, positive and memorable experience for all who attend. When you see the smiles on your guests faces it’ll be a feeling you wont soon forget. Pool parties are great fun for people of all ages. Tarzana has some of the best weather for enjoying the outdoors so why not spend that time out by your beautifully clean outdoor water oasis. We hope these ideas spark your creativity and make your party a wet success!

If you have any questions about maintaining your water playground or need and help with installations and repairs for pool lights, pumps or filters contact us. Our repairmen have provided trusted pool services in Tarzana for over 20 years and are here to help.