Swimming Pool Money Saving Tips


Here are a few swimming pool money-saving tips for Tarzana area homeowners to put cash back in the bank. Weekly on our service routes, a customer asks how to save money regarding their swimming pool maintenance and upkeep. This is understandable because backyard swimming pools are a big investment plus also take time to support. Not all folks have the spare time and know-how to handle the weekly routine of skimming the water surface, vacuuming walls, and bottom plus checking to make sure filters stay debris free. All they know is that is costs money each month to keep up and want to know how to cut costs. With that said below are some great ways to lower the amount of money spent each week or month of the year.

Swimming Pool Money Saving Tips

Tarzana Swimming Pool Money Saving Tips

  1. Swimming pools that still have an old one-speed model are huge money wasters! New variable speed models run at save huge on yearly operating costs because of their ability to run at lower speeds. Good news if you still have a one-speed pump is that DWP has $1000 and $500 rebates when upgrading to an energy-efficient pump. Basically, the pump is free and homeowners only pay for installation. Also setting the pump and filter to run only during off-peak times cuts costs.
  2. Pool covers are great for saving money when it comes to heating the water. A solar cover boosts water temps with no need of a heater being used. They also cut the amount of water that evaporates each day and week. Another benefit is a covers keeps debris out of the water. This will extend the life of the pool filter and help prevent expensive filter repairs.
  3. Having a weekly maintenance plan to empty filter baskets, skim the water, check the chemical balance and vacuüm pool bottom and sides also makes sure water stays a nice clear blue. When these things are not followed issues like algae growth and green water will happen. Be ready to spend money to correct the issue to make the water safe for swimming.

Tarzana Swimming Pool Maintenance

It’s common knowledge to properly manage pools certain things on a weekly basis needs taken care of. From checking filters and skimming water surface to keeping an eye on chemical levels. If you need help with weekly maintenance we are here to help.