Weekly Swimming Pool Services 5 Benefits


On our Tarzana route, we’re asked about weekly swimming pool services often and if it’s worth it to hire professionals versus doing it yourself. The answer to that question depends on what you want to do. If looking to save time because of a busy lifestyle hiring experts is a good idea. For homeowners who do the cleaning on their own and experienced with balancing water chemistry and inspecting equipment hiring a weekly service is less attractive. Things to consider when weighing the options of a weekly pool service are things like do you want to store strong chemicals around the house? Do you have time each week to support a pool like an expert?

Tarzana Weekly Swimming Pool Services

Professional Weekly Swimming Pool Services 5 Benefits

  1. Swimming pool cleaned on a regular schedule
  2. Water chemistry balanced for safe swimming
  3. Weekly inspection of pumps, filter, motors
  4. Save money on repairs by catching issues early
  5. Save time each week for more fun things to do

Reliable Weekly Cleaning
Having a professional pool service each week gives a sparkling clean pool with safe water always. No need to jar your brain and try to remember when the last time you cleaned the pool was.

Balanced Water Chemistry
Having the correct water chemistry is vital. It does not take much time for a pool to become unhealthy for swimming. In a few short days algae, bacteria growth and other conditions also make swimming a health hazard.

Regular Pool Equipment Inspections
A trained aquatic technician that handles the weekly cleaning will also be able to check pumps and filters to make sure they’re running their best.

Prevent Expensive Pool Repairs
One of the most important benefits of a weekly swimming pool service is having an expert that detects problems before they also turn into expensive repairs or a replacement.

Save Precious Personal Time
By hiring a professional pool cleaning service, homeowners also get time back. Time back to do fun things with friends, family or enjoy a personal hobby. All those hours each week also add up to lots of free time.

Weekly Swimming Pool Maintenance Tarzana

Tarzana Weekly Pool Maintenance

Need more info or interested in also having our company help with your week by week pool cleaning? Call one of our experts today at 818-825-0106 for Tarzana weekly swimming pool services.

Expert Pool Cleaning Tarzana


Need Professionals for pool cleaning Tarzana? Our mission is to give the best pool service in the west Valley.  When put side to side with other pool cleaning companies one thing that stands out about our services is experience. For decades are servicemen have maintained and keeping up residential pools big and small. Whether it’s repairing or installing new equipment like pumps and filters or setting up a weekly cleaning package our technicians are here to help to keep your swimming pool clean and safe all year round.

Pool Cleaning Tarzana CA

  • Weekly cleaning and maintenance
  • Leak detection and acid washing
  • Green pool cleaning
  • Lighting installations and repairs
  • Automation setups
  • Filter and skimmer replacements
  • Equipment repairs and troubleshooting

Summer’s just around the corner and if you’re Tarzana swimming pool is in need of repairs to bring it to life for the warm months ahead our company our experts. We can handle fixing pumps, motors and all aspects of your swimming pool system. We can also upgrade pool lighting and automated with new LED color changing lights. Or if you need an underwater light fixed we can take care of that too.

Pool Cleaning Tarzana Company

We understand in Tarzana some owners handle pool cleaning and maintenance themselves instead of hiring a company each week. For repairs and installs of pumps and motors let a professional do this for you. One of our most popular services is installing new variable speed pumps in for owners to receive a $1,000 rebate from the DWP. Our techs are all Los Angeles County certified.

With great reviews for cleaning plus reliable and trusted services for years in the west valley let us help if you’re in need of saving time. Our custom maintenance and servicing on a weekly basis is a best fit to any busy schedule. Our rates are affordable and our staff is knowledgeable. There’s nothing better in the warm months of summer than relaxing in the backyard and taking a dip in the pool. Enjoying life and just having fun with friends, family and your loved ones. Call us today so our Tarzana pool cleaners can help with any repairs or cleaning needs.