Weekly Swimming Pool Services 5 Benefits


On our Tarzana route, we’re asked about weekly swimming pool services often and if it’s worth it to hire professionals versus doing it yourself. The answer to that question depends on what you want to do. If looking to save time because of a busy lifestyle hiring experts is a good idea. For homeowners who do the cleaning on their own and experienced with balancing water chemistry and inspecting equipment hiring a weekly service is less attractive. Things to consider when weighing the options of a weekly pool service are things like do you want to store strong chemicals around the house? Do you have time each week to support a pool like an expert?

Tarzana Weekly Swimming Pool Services

Professional Weekly Swimming Pool Services 5 Benefits

  1. Swimming pool cleaned on a regular schedule
  2. Water chemistry balanced for safe swimming
  3. Weekly inspection of pumps, filter, motors
  4. Save money on repairs by catching issues early
  5. Save time each week for more fun things to do

Reliable Weekly Cleaning
Having a professional pool service each week gives a sparkling clean pool with safe water always. No need to jar your brain and try to remember when the last time you cleaned the pool was.

Balanced Water Chemistry
Having the correct water chemistry is vital. It does not take much time for a pool to become unhealthy for swimming. In a few short days algae, bacteria growth and other conditions also make swimming a health hazard.

Regular Pool Equipment Inspections
A trained aquatic technician that handles the weekly cleaning will also be able to check pumps and filters to make sure they’re running their best.

Prevent Expensive Pool Repairs
One of the most important benefits of a weekly swimming pool service is having an expert that detects problems before they also turn into expensive repairs or a replacement.

Save Precious Personal Time
By hiring a professional pool cleaning service, homeowners also get time back. Time back to do fun things with friends, family or enjoy a personal hobby. All those hours each week also add up to lots of free time.

Weekly Swimming Pool Maintenance Tarzana

Tarzana Weekly Pool Maintenance

Need more info or interested in also having our company help with your week by week pool cleaning? Call one of our experts today at 818-825-0106 for Tarzana weekly swimming pool services.

Licensed Tarzana Pool Services


There’s licensed Tarzana pool services and there is also unlicensed operators here in the west San Fernando Valley.  When looking to hire a company do the cleaning, repairs and maintenance on your swimming pool to aid with saving time and money it’s best to check out who you are hiring. It’s a daunting task finding a service company to take care of the pool upkeep and sometimes harder to find a real professional. It’s best to ask if they’re licensed to repair and service pool equipment like variable speed pumps, filters and motors.  If they are not certified to do the repairs run in the other direction. Having a license is the first step of having a professional pool cleaning company.

Licensed Tarzana Pool Services

Why Hire Licensed Tarzana Pool Services

Sure there is not too many unlicensed companies out there but it’s best to smart. Licensed pool cleaning companies will carry insurance and this important because accidents do happen. Do you think if an unlicensed pool cleaner will handle the payment on repairing that beautiful stamped concrete that got acid accidentally spilled on it? They would have to work for years cleaning your pool to make a profit. An insured and licensed pool service company will take care of any issues like with insurance. This is just one story that we’ve heard while servicing pools in the Tarzana area.

Hire Licensed Tarzana Pool ServicesWe know folks want to save some cash but if you are considering a company that cleans pools for $75 dollars a week when most other companies charge more for their services is it worth it? Of course you will save a couple hundred bucks a year but on the other hand an unlicensed pool repair can cost lots of extra money in the long run when things like multi speed pumps and motors are not fixed correctly. Where any repairs done during your year of savings? The less expensive unlicensed pool company tend to look over things like loud pool motors and leaking water seals. If not checked and corrected these to problems will become financial headaches sooner than later.

Another popular way of finding a good licensed pool services is to check with neighbors nearby. We often get calls from folks who got recommended by a client. At the end of the day be smart and ask questions before pulling the trigger on hiring a pool cleaning company remember to go over this article as a reference. Our Licensed Tarzana pool services have helped residential home owners keep their swimming pools and spas clean and in working order for over 20 years.