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Here are 3 swimming pool repairs for residential pools that are common for in-ground pools. Our Aquatic Technicians have seen it all cleaning pools in the San Fernando Valley. From years of ability, we know preventing repairs to pumps, filters, motors, and skimmers are vital.

Often its water, leaking or air that’s the core reason for equipment failure that also leads to an expensive fix. From replacing filters, stopping leaks, fixing pumps and keeping water heated these 3 areas have common issues over time. Even though some of the below common problem areas won’t destroy your pool overnight they over time will lead to equipment breakdown.

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3 Common Swimming Pool Repairs for In Ground Pools

  1. Pool Filter Replacement
  2. Skimmer Leaks
  3. Pool Heater Not Heating Water

Swimming pool filter issues usually arise because the filter has gone past its life-cycle. If backwashing more often to keep the water clear it’s likely your pool filter is old and needs replacing. The three common types of pool filters are Cartridge, Sand and D.E. filters. Cartridge filters last around 5 years, sand filters 7 years and D.E. filters last about 10 years.

Pool skimmer leaksΒ often are the cause of leaking water. Concrete pools have an area of separation where the skimmer is. Vinyl pools are subject to leaks due to a skimmer faceplate that has a leak due to a bad gasket. Plaster mixes and putty will most times fix the leak but for more serious issues have a pool leak detection performed to find the leak.

Pool heater problems are plentiful and so are the reasons. It’s usually a problem with a filter that needs cleaning or an impeller that has become clogged up. Both issues are easy fixes but in some instances, a problem with the pool heater settings are the reason. Fortunately, modern pool heater systems will have a readout of anything that is preventing the heater from turning on and warming up the water.

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