Basic Pool Cleaning Service Fall Season


Basic Pool Cleaning Service options are available to Tarzana homeowners for the Fall Season. Summer has come and gone and so has many of the hot days, outdoor parties, and the sound of family and friends splashing. It is easier to think about sparkling, clean water when there are kids in bathing suits with blow up floaties and swim noodles in their arms. Maintenance to keep your backyard oasis clean and inviting for family and friends is not just for Summer though. Even though pumpkin lattes and jack-o-lanterns and new Autumn sweaters are top of mind, a clean pool is still vital for the health and beauty of your Summertime outside friend. And, here in the Valley hot days still come to call, and taking a dip can still make it onto your to-do list. We have Fall solutions that basic pool cleaning service and maintenance can offer.

Basic Pool Cleaning Service Fall Tarzana

Tips for Basic Pool Cleaning Service in the Fall for Tarzana Homeowners

  • Basic Pool Cleaning Service plans are available for off-season months, like Fall. These services will keep your water clean, clear and free of debris that the Santa Ana winds and seasonal changes bring. It will also allow for those every so often hot Valley days when a backyard splash is a welcome relief.
  • Chemical levels change when Summer turns into Fall. You need more chemicals in the Summer because of water evaporation and use. Lower chemicals are now needed as the outdoor temperature lowers, and swimming becomes less frequent. The chemical chemistry needs monitoring after the Summer to Fall transition. Basic Pool Cleaning Service plans include this maintenance.

Wind and Weather and your Tarzana Pool

  • The San Fernando Valley may not have the kind of changing leaves that other parts of the US do, but leaves and other foliage are still an issue in October and November. The Santa Ana winds, as well as Seasonal changes, can clutter and pollute the outdoor water. A Basic Pool Cleaning Service can help with not just leaf skimming, but also vacuuming the bottom of the pool, and brushing the sidewalls clean. They can also keep up with the emptying of baskets, skimmers, pumps, and backwash filters.
  • Changes in weather and fallen debris can overwork filter systems. Overflow from baskets and missed skims will clog the system. Now is a good time to have your filter checked, cleaned, repaired, or replaced, if needed. Our specialists can decide what your filter needs before it is an urgent problem. They can also decide if reducing the use of your filter during the cooler months is an option for your home.
  • Fall means less backyard activity, shorter days and kids being back in school. You use your pool less in the Fall. The pool pump that usually runs for 8 hours can be reduced to 4-6 hours instead. This will help to lower your energy bills. That said, we highly recommend that any change in pump use be discussed during a maintenance visit with your basic pool cleaning scheduled service. We are here to help you save money, but we also want to make sure an algae problem or any other issue occurs.

What To-Do Next for Tarzana Homeowners in the Fall

The 5 Tips above are our best for Fall to keep both your backyard oasis and family happy and healthy. Other money-saving solutions can help put dollars back in your pocket without any risk of swimming pool health. We will discuss best options with you and your pool. Call to set-up a Basic Pool Cleaning Service to get you through the upcoming months. We are here for your call and can set-up a time to talk about Fall and your Tarzana pool.


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It doesn’t matter what season it is. Whether it is Spring, Summer, Winter, or Fall the health and look of your swimming pool is important. We are here to help find the best solution for you. Basic Pool Cleaning Service is a great Fall solution. Keeping up with pool maintenance is important. You want the water as clear and clean as possible. We want that for your Tarzana backyard friend, too.