Green Pool Cleaning


Green Pool Cleanup TarzanaAre you a Tarzana area pool owner who has a pool that’s been neglected and now it’s a murky green color? Whatever you do don’t let it sit any longer. Every week it’s not cared for properly it becomes not only very unsafe to swim in but a serious health hazard. When mosquitoes and other small organisms start living and breeding in your stagnant water that opens up a whole wide gate of health issues that you would rather stay clear of. Besides being an unattractive green color what’s even worse is the odor your pool gives off. It’s not very pleasant and especially for the neighbors downwind of your home. There are many disadvantages to having a green pool that needs cleaned up. First and foremost is safety. A woman in Studio City contracted the West Nile virus from a neighbors untreated green slimy pool! Homeowners can also receive some heavy fines if their pool is green and in a state of disarray. The last thing you want is to come home and see that your house is tagged by the Country for having an unsanitary and unsafe swimming pool. If your house does get tagged you only have a limited amount of time to get your water back to blue and swim safe before you have to pay a penalty.

Green pool cleaning San Fernando ValleyWe have noticed that lots of times a pool that has a bad leak that hasn’t been detected is left to just empty out over time without being repaired or fixed. It’s unfortunate because an electronic or pressure leak detection would’ve been a less expensive fix. Other times green pools come about when a house goes into foreclosure and the bank that owns it just doesn’t want to spend any money on maintenance. If you’re sick and tired of that unattractive backyard that you don’t want to spend any time with because the awful smell and look maybe it’s time to call for a green pool clean up. many times we can do the cleaning and restore your water without having to empty your pool. We’ve been maintaining swimming pools and spas in the Tarzana area for over 20 years. Call one of our friendly aquatic technicians today and learn how we can help restore your water back to a beautiful blue and make it swim safe once again.

Repair or Update Your Tarzana Pool Lighting For Summer


With summer right around the corner Tarzan Pool owners are calling us for repairs and installations for all types of water based lighting. Besides giving your pool a whole new look having it well it is also a major safety feature so you can see clearly in the water at night. With the many new custom lights for swimming pools being made available on an almost weekly basis instead of repairing your pool lighting consider updating the look. It really can make a huge difference how you enjoy your swimming at night. Here are a few beautiful examples of what a well-lit and cleanly designed light system can add to your backyard experience.


DWP Variable Speed Pool Pump Rebates


Tarzana swimming pool owners can save up to $1,000 with DWP rebates when replacing old one speed pumps to variable speed. When operating at a lower speed your pool pump can work much more efficiently. You’ll notice an energy savings on your bills annually of up to $1500 just by replacing your old pump. You can also benefit from not having to do expensive repairs in the future because there’s less wear on your pool equipment. If you are the owner of a residential pool in the San Fernando Valley this is a great time right before summer to upgrade your system and save money. Tarzana DWP Variable Speed Pump RebateIn order to qualify for the DWP $1000 rebate you will need a certified aquatic technician to buy and install your new variable speed pump. You will also need to give pictures of your current 1 speed unit before the installation. Your certified technician will also have to set your new pump to run between the hours of 8 p.m. and 10 a.m. All the major pump manufactures like Zodiac, Hayward and Aqualink among many others now have less expensive units to the point where getting your new variable speed pump is almost free. If you don’t want to go to the certified route there is also an ongoing $500 dollar DWP rebate where a certified installer is not needed to qualify for the $500 cash back rebate. This is the first time in over 20 years of servicing pools in the Tarzana area that we’ve seen this large of the rebate offered by the DWP. Don’t you think it’s time to put a bit more money back in your pocket, help the environment and give a safe environment for your family and guests when using your swimming pool? Remember in order to receive the thousand dollar rebate you will have to complete replacement of your pump before December 31st 2015 or when all the DWP funds run out for this offer.

Get your Tarzana Pool Equipment Checked for Summer


When it get cold outside in Tarzana you do not use your swimming pool or spa as much. When your equipment gets used less it can get damaged from the non use during the cold months when temperatures in the west valley get near freezing. Unless you have an indoor swimming area then your outside pool and its equipment can suffer during this time.  These colder times are the best for fixing any broken parts or equipment related to your pool. The last thing you want is some gear failing on a 100 degree San Fernando Valley day and all of a sudden your water is not safe to swim in. It’s best to use this down time to have a qualified technician to have your pool equipment inspected or fixed to make sure you will be swimming in a repair free this summer. Regular up-keep with a licensed pool cleaning company will make sure you swim safely all year round.

Pool Equipment Repairs Tarzana

Safety Tips For Tarzana Swimming Pool Owners


Tarzana Swimming Pool Safety TipsEnjoying the warm Tarzana weather out by the pool is a luxury and an accident can change that fast. Nearly 400 kids a year drown in residential swimming pools. This can be avoided by following a few safety tips. Pool owners that have small children should consider having at least a four ft tall fence around the pool if not already. When not in use having a safety cover on your pool or spa is a good idea too. Many pool owners that have gates to enter the water use gate alarms that alert you if any young ones enter the water. Always make sure adults supervise children when near the pool. If your missing any drain covers alert your pool serviceman as this is can lead to a child’s hand getting caught. Basic rules like no diving, running and swimming with a friend are also good habits to practice. Knowing how to give CPR can save a life if an accidental drown occurs.

Safety Tips For Tarzana Pool Owners

  • Keep an eye on the kids  when they’re in the pool or spa
  • Make sure your children know basic pool safety
  • Instruct kids to stay away from drains to prevent getting stuck
  • Make sure a cell phone is nearby to call 911 if needed
  • Share pool safety tips family, friends and guests

Following these basic safety tips along with a regular pool maintenance will keep your Tarzana swimming pool safe and ready to enjoy all year round.

Salena Gomez sells Tarzana home with beautiful pool for 3.4m


Tarzan Home Swimming Pool CleaningIn case you didn’t hear Salena Gomez sold her Tarzana home with its gorgeous swimming pool recently for 3.4 million. We’ve cleaned many Tarzana pools and this backyard layout sure is a top-notch beauty. Remember when selling a home your swimming pool will give you an advantage especially in Tarzana neighborhoods where pools are aplenty. Maintaining your pool in pristine condition can add up to 10% to the value of your home. It also adds quality of life to new a homeowner and who can put a price on that!

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