Tarzana Swimming Pool Lighting Upgrades


Tarzana swimming pool lighting upgrades to save energy and breath new life into being in and around the water at night.  One of the most common services we do related to pool lighting is upgrading old iridescent lights to energy-efficient LED lighting. Swimming pools have come quite some way with advancements in lighting technology. Upgrading to LED is the most energy-efficient option that cuts your pool lights energy by 80%. One of the best time to add a new energy-saving light is if there’s any broken pool lights that need fixed.

Tarzana Swimmimg Pool Lighting Upgrades

Tarzana Swimming Pool Lighting Upgrades LED

  • Replace old lighting with new LED lights
  • Color changing automated pool lighting
  • Smartphone and tablet Lighting automation

Many times a screw in LED light will work where the old iridescent light once was. This makes upgrading a real breeze. This will depend on the age of the pool and lights of course but most times a new LED pool light will fit in an old housing. Besides cutting costs LED pool lighting opens the doors of options when it comes to all the many colors available to choose from. Colored pool lights will make night-time out by the pool even cooler with a new vibrant look. From floating LED lights to underwater lights and custom lighting for fountains, waterfalls and ponds LED is the way to go.

LED pool lighting upgrade tarzana

Swimming pool lighting creates a festive look whether it’s in the pool or in and around the deck. With color LED pool lighting the choices are many with a large choice of colors and styles available. Include some nifty LED lighting automation software and put the control in your smartphone, pc or tablet. How creative you get is only bound by your imagination. One thing that will be bright and clear is that with a new lighting set-up there will be no cooler place to hang out at night than out by the pool.

DWP Extends $1000 Pool Pump Rebate for Tarzana Homes


DWP $1000 Pool Pump Rebate for Tarzana Homes for 2016. Rebates are good for single family homes with an old one speed pool pump and motor installed. To get the rebate the new units get bought and installed by a Los Angeles County certified aquatic technician.  The rebate is not good for ponds, spas, above ground pools and fountains.  There are a few choices to choose from for the qualifying variable speed pumps. Our certified aquatic technicians think the best units to install for the rebate are from Pentair, Hayward and Pentair.

Why is the DWP offering a $1000 Pool Pump Rebate? Because the new variable speed pumps have come a long way in the last few years. The new multi-speed pool pumps are more efficient because they run a various speeds to handle different water pumping tasks. Old one speed pool pumps and motors are energy hogs and not efficient at all. If you would like to go the do it yourself route without a certified technician you can still get a $500 pool pump rebate when you buy a qualifying variable speed pump and motor and show a photo of the old unit installed before the new pump and motor replacement.

$1000 Pool Pump Rebate Tarzana

  • Single family residential swimming pools only
  • Currently have one speed motor installed
  • Bought & installed by certified technician
  • Calibrated to run in off-hours only
  • Runs from 8:00 p.m. to 9:59 a.m.

$1000 DWP Pool Pump RebatesDont miss this $1000 Pool Pump Rebate because this is the best time to upgrade and replace your old pump and motor and save a heap of cash at the same time. If your Tarzana home qualifies you can get more info on replacing your old pump to get a rebate.  To get an idea of the savings average sized pools with 21,000 gallons of water using a IntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump running 8 hours a day will save over $1600 per year! A larger pool twice the size will save almost $550 per year.

Our Tarzana pool cleaning company has helped support swimming pools in the west San Fernando Valley since the 1990’s. We do everything from weekly pool maintenance to repairing underwater lights. To get more info on how we can help you save $1000 with the current DWP pool pump rebate contact us today.

Pool Maintenance Help


Thinking about getting pool maintenance help to ease the stress of having to clean the pool each week? Many pools take experts 30 minutes to an hour to clean. This includes vacuuming side walls and steps too. This is where pool owners save time when they hire a pro. Time saved to plan fun things to do instead of the task of cleaning. Hiring professionals relieve the worry about emptying skimmers, checking water levels and making sure pumps and filters are ok. In the course of a month or weekly having an expert overseeing the cleanliness of water and checking equipment will make sure everything is running fine. Some say you can’t put a cost on peace of mind and this is one of those things pool maintenance help gives.  Hiring a weekly professional pool maintenance company will keep the pool clean with the latest equipment and tools. Pool technicians clean hundreds of swimming pools each week and this is a big reason folks hire pros and that is because of experience.

Pool Maintenance Help Encino

  • Save time cleaning
  • Prevent expensive repairs
  • Expert chemical balancing
  • Extend life of pool
  • Certified rebate installs
  • Weekly equipment inspections

Expert Pool Maintenance Help TarzanaMany folks take their water to get tested at local pool shop often to buy chemicals or have to get info on a prom they’re having with the water chemistry.  Each of these trips to the local shop is more time lost.  There is also more time added for the task of getting the chemical balance right which includes having to check and re-check water chemistry levels. Having to not store harmful chemicals around the house is another benefit to hiring a company that knows how to support a pool especially for those with children. Our pool service trucks handle hundreds of pools and stock all the needed chemicals to keep the water safe for swimming. Equipment repairs also end up being less expensive with regular maintenance when adding up hours saved and the cost of replacing a broken pump, light or filter due to lack of upkeep or experience.

Certified Pool Maintenance Help Encino

Our certified pool technicians repair old and broken pumps and save Encino pool owners money when replacing old single-speed pumps with new energy-efficient variable-speed models. For all of 2016 residential homes can save up to $1000 on a new multi-speed pool pump when purchased and installed by a certified technician. Make this year count and let it be the year that you get he most out of the pool. The best days are ahead and filled with clean water and less stress about doing the maintenance.


Fix Cloudy Pool Water Tarzana


Fix Cloudy Pool Water TarzanaFix cloudy pool water Tarzana to keep water a crystal clear blue? Cloudy pools make even the most elegant pool turn into an unpleasant sight. It’s not safe to swim in and if done so will swell up the eyes and be very uncomfortable. Cloudy pool water will all shorten the life span of the pool filter. Filters and cartridges need checked and cleaned often. The amount of effort and time to clear a cloudy pool is excessive if not done by a professional. We have seen instances where in just 24 hours a pool will turn hazy and cloudy. Even if your swimming pool is on a weekly service or maintained more frequent there are issues that will still cause cloudy water conditions.

Fix Cloudy Pool Water Tarzana CA

Below are a few reasons why your Tarzana pool is cloudy.

  • Exposed to long periods of rain
  • More swimmers than normal in pool
  • Pool filters that have not been cleaned
  • Floaters or feeders that have become empty
  • Improper chemical balancing
  • Insects, Leaves landscape debris etc..


Chemical Balance

Chemicals that are not properly balanced will create cloudy water conditions. Along with raised alkalinity, higher and lower chlorine levels and sanitizing agents used in the pool, high pH and  hard calcium levels. When there is not correct chemical balancing there will be more chances for the water to get contaminated.

Filter Issues

When pool filters are needing repair or if not operating as they should which is 8-10 hours each day your water will be overcast and cloudy.  The pool filter is vital to keeping the pool clean . When not running correctly pool water becomes cloudy.

Outside Elements

Everything that is around your pool will have an effect on how clear the water is. insects, birds, leaves from trees from wind and rainstorms along with algae creates cloudy conditions when entering the pool water.

Pool water shocking

Many times the water in your pool gets cloudy due to shocking.  This happens often and within a short amount of time will fix itself naturally. Don’t forget to leave the filter on to speed up the clearing up process.

Selling Tarzana Swimming Pool Home? A Clean Pool Increases Value!


Clean your Tarzana swimming pool while SellingFor Tarzana swimming pool homeowners with a home on the market now’s the time to make sure your swimming pool and spa is in tip-top shape. Otherwise you’d be missing out on some increased profits. When showing your Tarzana home to potential buyers it’s best to have a pool and spa that looks ready to use at a moment’s notice. If home lookers can imagine themselves relaxing with the family and close friends by your beautiful pool that might just do the trick to close the deal. To prepare your swimming pool for increased sales potential first make sure your swimming pool and deck is absolutely free of any clutter. If the little ones have some toys in the back yard near the pool it’s a good idea to store those out of sight.

If the home is vacant lots of real estate agents will stage the backyard with outdoor furniture. Believe it or not this is not as expensive as you might think and there’s lots of staging companies that can help you. It does go beyond having a clean pool though to lure potential buyers. Any prospects will want to inspect the swimming pool and spa equipment like pumps, filters and motors. For any broken pool equipment make sure to hire a professional Tarzana pool repair technician to have any issues corrected. Many times having your pool cleaned while on the market is the last thing that you want to do. So if you have maintained your pool and spa on your own now’s the time to hire a professional Tarzana pool cleaning company. Save stress and save time you got a beautiful swimming pool home to sell.

Drought Water Saving Tips for Tarzana Pools



These drought water saving tips for Tarzana Pool owners will help cut water usage during the current severe drought situation.

  • Covers can cut evaporation by 50%. Regular sized pools can lose over 700 gallons a month due to evaporation.
  • Turn off waterfalls, fountains and other water features to cut water loss and evaporation.
  • Keep from emptying the water. Shocking your pool’s water can disinfect the current water, regardless of how filthy it is. Make certain to test the balance afterwords.
  • Check for any water leaks and if found have a leak detection done to find the escaping water.
  • Utilize a cartridge filter in place of a backwash. Cartridge filters use less than one-quarter of the water that sand and earth filters use.
  • Lower the water temps for heated pools. This also cuts evaporation.
  • Fix, repair or replace leaking pumps, skimmers and filters.
  • Reduce excessive splashing, diving and any other activity that splashes water out.
  • Stop up any overflow lines when using the pool.

Drought Water Saving For Pools

Keeping your Tarzana pool maintained regularly all year round will use less water compared to the irrigation system of a typical backyard of the same size. Even though pools cleaned and serviced on a weekly basis use less water than drought-friendly landscaping everyone still needs to do their part to conserve. Overall all these above tips will help save water. Again, If your water is leaking we recommend a swimming pool leak detection to find the where the water loss is coming from. Once detected have the leak repaired. Other than having a water leak a cover will give the largest water savings. Covers also lower heating costs, algae growth and keep debris from being blown into the water which is more work for equipment. Only run water features like fountains and waterfalls as needed. No need to have all this going when it’s just you going for a casual swim. Save these for when entertaining guests only. We hope our Tarzana aquatic technicians have over 23 years expertise in the west valley. From large commercial spas to residential pools our company can help. We hope these useful tips and ideas help cut your water usage.

Tarzana Pool Party Tips


Tarzana Swimming Pool Party TipsNeed pool party tips for your Tarzana backyard water party this summer? Besides safety and cleanliness you need to make sure your guests have fun. Having an inflatable or two are great ideas for just relaxing in the water without having to swim. Inflatable rafts, lounges are available for a cheap price at many local Tarzana area department stores. If serving food and drinks have matching cups, plates and plastic ware for a great color themed party works well. Having all that great grilled food from the poolside B.B.Q nicely displayed is a real nice touch for guests when enjoying food and refreshments waterside. Remember no glassware around the pool to prevent injuries if any accidents occur. Fun games for the water include swim lap racing, noodle fights and belly flop contests. Even the old standard Marco Polo is fun while frolicking in the water. Traditional water sports like water polo and water volley ball are great water based activities for family parties. It’s best to remember when children are present that constant adult supervision is best to make sure your water activities are safe and fun.

Tarzana Swimming Pool Party Tips

  • Swimming races
  • Diving contests
  • Water volleyball
  • Water polo matches
  • Relay swim races
  • Pool noodle raft jousting
  • Marco Polo!

Night Floating LightAnother great pool party tip for activities that extend into the evening are night-time water lighting products. Evening based lights really make the water and backyard stand out. With lighting automation you can even control the mood with different light set-ups. For safety reasons always have a working underwater light to make sure anyone swimming at night is easily seen. For a spectacular look at night you can install water based lighting for a colorful display of lights that literally dance in the water. If you have a large landscape lining paths with decorative solar lights looks great and saves money. Planning a pool party is fun, positive and memorable experience for all who attend. When you see the smiles on your guests faces it’ll be a feeling you wont soon forget. Pool parties are great fun for people of all ages. Tarzana has some of the best weather for enjoying the outdoors so why not spend that time out by your beautifully clean outdoor water oasis. We hope these ideas spark your creativity and make your party a wet success!

If you have any questions about maintaining your water playground or need and help with installations and repairs for pool lights, pumps or filters contact us. Our repairmen have provided trusted pool services in Tarzana for over 20 years and are here to help.

Pool of The Month a Clean Tarzana Swimming Pool Estate Mansion


Tarzana Estate Pool Mansion Iggy and Swaggys Tarzana is no stranger when it comes to beautiful estates and mansions with well maintained and custom swimming pools and spas. Fountains and waterfalls to fully stocked ponds these houses have it all. This month brings a glimpse into the this local swimming pool estate home owned by Iggy Azalea. This what we call a legacy home when one celeb buys it from another. Selena Gomez holed up here earlier. By maintaining pools and spas in this area for many years we can say this place is nice and kept up. Of course we’re only looking at the pictures, but we service many estate and mansions pools in the area we can say this from experience. When Selena Gomez took up residence here a few years back we heard leaked info on the house and it’s swimming pool automated system. Yeah, the house is nice too but we spend all our time out by the water. : )

From full automation setups for lighting, pumps, filters and motors that are all now integrated in to a homes automation system. If you’d like to learn read our Tarzana area pool service reviews. We can support and update your Tarzana area mansion or estate home to a water leisure paradise. .

Annie Potts Lists Tarzana Compound With Pool


Actress Annie Potts has listed her Tarzana spanish hacienda style home with gorgeous backyard swimming pool entertaining area for 6.5 million. Best known for her role in Ghost busters, Designing Women and Pretty in pink which is a favorite we our pool cleaning company. This is truly a great spread with 5 bedrooms and six bathrooms. Sitting on one and a half acres this home was once owned by famed Tarzan author Edgar Rice. Complete not only with a beautiful swimming pool it also has fountains and spa that all blend right into the homes design. Constructed back in 1934 this is one of the most sought after Tarzana properties.

West San Fernando Valley Pool Home